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Technical Bulletins & News

The Stilwell Partnership: Keep up to date with our news bulletins

As a leading light in the industry we have published a series of bulletins, bringing key news and technical information essential for clients and companies involved in the diverse fields in which The Stilwell Partnership operates.


Technical Bulletin No.17 - 04/12 - Parish Councils and The Localism Act

"Parish Councils and The Localism Act " - Neighbourhood Planning, Community Right to Build and the Community Infrastructure Levy

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Technical Bulletin No.16 - 12/11 - The Flood and Water Management Act 2010

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires that all new sewers/lateral drains be adopted by the Water Companies. Existing private drains and sewers were adopted from 1 Oct 2011. Developments with new sewers are now required to enter into an adoption agreement under the Water Industry Act 1991.

For more details of how this would affect your development projects together with details of the required standards...

Technical Bulletin No.15 - 12/11 - "Signing the Way"

"Signing the Way" - getting to grips with traffic sign design, implementation and use. Government recognises the amount of money poor signage costs Local Government and the inconvenience and frustration it causes road users. "Signing the Way" is the latest policy review paper on the design and implementation of traffic signs.

For a more in-depth description of these regulations and a link to the "Signing the Way" publication ...

Technical Bulletin No.14 - 05/11 - Managing Carbon

Managing Carbon saves money now and reduces carbon emissions from future developments. With our Carbon Trust Accredited partners we have produced these free tools, designed to help save energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

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Technical Bulletin No.12 - 03/11 - Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs)

Seven Things to know about Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs). There are many solutions to enable development in the flood plain, acceptable to the Environment Agency and the Local Authority.

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Technical Bulletin No.10 - 09/10 - Road Safety for Schools

Stilwell Road Safety Limited (a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise) has created the first web-based holistic "cradle to grave"" road safety education process. Lakeside Primary School, Frimley is the first school in the UK to sign up to srsCULTUREforSchools

We have produced a promotional leaflet to introduce this initiative. To view the flyer in full...

Technical Bulletin No.9 - 04/10 - New obligations for local authorities under The Flood & Water Management Act

What does the new law mean to District Councils?

  • They will have a statutory duty to collaborate with local strategies for managing flood risk.
  • They will be required to contribute to developing the Map of Flood Risk and Drainage Assets
  • They may have to implement a flood reporting system
  • They will have to compete with others for limited funds

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Technical Bulletin No.8 - 02/10 - The Stilwell Partnership Blog

The Stilwell Partnership Blog is an opportunity for an informed debate about important issues that touch our everyday lives. The Blog also includes User Forums for our free on line utilities: The CHP Feasibility Calculator and The Sightline-Calculator©. Please use this forum to share your experiences with other users. Your feedback will help us improve and update these free utilities.

To visit our blog, follow this link...

Technical Bulletin No.7 - 05/09 - Free On-line Sightline-Calculator©*

Providing adequate visibility for a new access or junction can take large areas of valuable development land. The Stilwell Partnership's simplified Sightline-Calculator©, conveniently helps you investigate your visibility splays and maximise developable land without compromising road safety.

To access the free Sightline-Calculator©, follow this link...

Technical Bulletin No.6 - 02/09 - Free On-line Stilwell CHP Benefit Calculator

The Stilwell CHP Calculator provides a free and independent Cost-Benefit analysis with Payback, Quality Index and a statement of Carbon Savings for natural gas fuelled CHP Plant. Using the unique "slider" function the sensitivity to changing operating hours, energy prices and other key parameters may be quickly evaluated.

To access the free calculator, follow this link...

Technical Bulletin No.5 - 07/08 - The Pitt Report on the Summer 2007 Floods

The comprehensive review of the lessons to be learned from the 2007 Summer Floods by Sir Michael Pitt has been published. Pitt recommends that each local authority (mainly district councils) should implement a register of Flood Risk with information of ownership and condition. With this, the local authority would be able to develop a strategy for the management of flood risk through Local Surface Water Management Plans.

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Technical Bulletin No.4 - 01/08 - Sustainable Energy & Planning Legislation

The Stilwell Partnership has further tailored the range of technical services we provide to reflect planning legalisation relating to sustainability and to address our client's requirements in this rapidly developing area. Find out more about this and how the following relate to your development proposals.

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Technical Bulletin No.3 - 4/07 - Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM2007) are in force from 6 April 2007. The aim is for health and safety considerations to be treated as an essential, but normal part of a project's development - not an afterthought or bolt-on extra. These Regulations set further onerous health and safety obligations on the promoter of all construction projects.

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Technical Bulletin No.2 - 2/07 - Planning Policy Statement 25: Development & Flood Risk

From December 2006, Planning Applications for Development Proposals of 1 Hectare or greater in Flood Zone 1 and all proposals for new development in Flood Zones 2 and 3 should be accompanied by a Flood Risk Assessment. PPS 25 Development and Flood Risk requires that flood risk is taken into account at all stages in the planning process.

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Technical Bulletin No.1 - 9/06 - Important changes to Planning Applications from 10th August 2006

The Department for Communities & Local Government Circular 01/2006 requires that from 10th August 2006 all Design Statements submitted with Planning Applications should include an Access Component. This technical assessment of site access should ensure that all users "will have equal and convenient access to buildings and spaces and the public transport network".

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